Translation Agency Alliance can make for you translation of various

  • instructions,
  • certificates
  • invoices
  • powers of attorney
  • documents for customs clearance, banks, government and non-government organizations
  • permission documents

We can make translations with notary certification.

Our translators and interpreters take part in negotiations, exhibitions and fairs.
We made simultaneous translations for well-known companies like Boeing in the conference, where speakers discussed metal alloys. They were satisfied with our work.

We can make technical translation in the field of IT, programming, bank engineering, measuring equipment and devices, constructions, etc.


We work with all European languages, languages of the former USSR, and Oriental languages, like China, Turkish.
Preparing documents and translation services is a type of economic activity. If we range languages in demand, we can trace investment directions. English language predominates. It takes 80% of the market. It proves that English-speaking countries such as the USA, UK, etc. are interested in Ukrainian market. Then comes German with investments from Germany, Austria and Polish. They are the biggest investors on the territory of Ukraine.

Our services can help you find investors and partners. We will be glad to see you among our partners.